American Pragmatism Strongly Denounces Islamist Terrorist Omar Mateen’s Pulse Night Massacre of 50 Americans

Within 10 Months we have seen two widespread Islamist attacks on American Civilians, the San Bernardino Christmas Attack and the Pulse Night Club Attack which has left at least 64 innocent people dead.

At approximately 2 AM Eastern Time on Sunday 6/12/16 a Gay night club in Orlando, Florida was targeted during Ramadaan.  Over 50 people died at the hands of Omar Mateen.

These last two attacks have not been in Major US cities or attractions although they are clearly symbolic of punishing behavior that they deem contrary to Sharia. American Pragmatism asserts it is more important than ever to protect the rights and freedoms granted in the Constitution against Sharia influence which condemns gay clubs and Christmas parties.

Equally as important are upholding free press.  We need to identify that the shootings are because of islamist wanting to enforce sharia and they are specifically targeting civilians and their protections afforded by the US Constitition.

At home we strongly reccomend the abolishment of “soft-targets” by supporting and expanding 2nd Amendement protections.  A well armed, and informed populace is the best defense against terrorism, and the best way to ensure the freedoms afforded to US citizens in the future.

There are digital footprints that this may have been an ISIS inspired attack based on a hitlist that was published via digital means earlier.  American Pragmatism believes it is more important than ever to secure the digital front.