Ok, How do you Stop Islamist Attacks?!

I was recently discussing the contents of Sura and the Koran with a democrat.  After they conceded an ideological basis to the terrorist attacks they asked “ok well how do you stop it.”

As I pondered the question news broke about the July 22nd 2016 islamist attack in Munich Germany.  This was the second islamist attack in 72 hours within Germany.

I realized the answer was to be brutally honest.  To cut the political correct misinformation with honesty.

The president and media need to state why the islamist are attacking us.  Because islam says that the entire world must be under Sharia Law.

Then you must describe Sharia Law, not in some multi-cultral utopian way but in an intellectually genuine way.  Gays, non-believers and women are treated differently under Sharia, and compare that to our constitution.

Present the case to the world, for the US constitution and describe accurately about the way caselaw of the constitution versus the arbitrary manner of clerics using fatwa to rule.

If you present the case in clear terms to the world, the world will choose freedom over fear.  US Laws of Sharia Flaws.