American Pragmatism is Dedicated to Protecting the US Constitution

American Pragmatism recognizes that the most violent threats that face the USA are ideological in nature, apocalyptical in belief.  The tactics we have used in the past must be examined for efficacy.

Digital Threats exist not only in radicalizing communications but also in attacks on availability and functionality of financial services, high-technology, and infrastructure.  Each one of these battlefronts must be secured.

American Pragmatism understands that the threats we face are ideological and opposed to the freedoms provided by the US Constitution.  American Pragmatism uses digital impressions to combat radical ideologies.

American Pragmatism is for the creation of a Counter Terrorist Unit which would have the ability to make arrests in the USA as well as engage in missions overseas.  CTU will be tasked to protect our homeland both at home an abroad in by streamlining multiple jurisdictions into one agency with a sole focus on terrorists.

American Pragmatism is digitally focused on the Security of the USA and the civilized world.  Please consider supporting our blog.